The CIAA Tournament in Midtown Charlotte NC

February 23, 2017 at 5:28 am

CIAA BasketballIt’s that time of year again, basketball season. North Carolinians love their basketball and their rivalries. The CIAA was founded in 1912, and is the first African-American athletic conference. Charlotte gets to reap the benefits of the CIAA location, and thus holds host to the tournaments and all the folks that come to watch. The whole uptown area and parts of Midtown also host several events and parties while the CIAA tournaments are in town. There will be concerts, street performers, and lots of basketball. Below are some of the top links to find out more for the upcoming weekend.

CIAA Links:

There will be a lot of adrenaline running high with a sporting event, and folks looking to celebrate. If you go out and about please be kind to others and stay safe. Have a great CIAA weekend!