Rent Park Space

Rent Park Space In Midtown Charlotte NC

After receiving several inquiries on how to rent the park spaces, or spots along the sugar creek greenway, I wanted to post a full explanation for folks. With a quick call to 311, a representative was able to quickly tell me how to access the ePark online rental website. You can access the site 24/7, and can quickly search to find all locations in Charlotte. It was easy to locate and quickly rent Midtown Park using these tools.

If you want to search through the list of parks to rent and see the different features of each park you can access eParks 2.0, and: search through activities and events, see a full calendar, plan your perfect spot for an outdoor rental. The site notes, that a special events application is required and this application must be submitted 60 days in advance, so make sure to plan ahead.

If you want to specifically rent the Midtown Park, it is located under the heading for the Little Sugar Creek Greenway. This park cost is listed as $150/hour and has operating hours of 8am – 10:30pm.

If you want to rent the Metropolitan Fountain, the area near the Midtown Park, it is under the heading for the Little Sugar Creek Greenway also. The cost is listed as $150/hour and has operating hours of 8am – 10:30pm.

Below is general information I found for any questions about how to rent this space and any other applications or permits that might be needed.

Location:1910 Freedom Park Service Road Charlotte, NC, 28203
Phone: 704-432-4280
Supervisor: Michael Campbell