Parks in Midtown Charlotte NC

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Midtown ParkMidtown Park

Midtown Park is located at South Kings Drive, Charlotte, NC 28204. This park is a small grassy patch located right off the Little Sugar Creek Greenway walk way. There are several seating options with sculptures, and a beautiful view of uptown Charlotte. Take some time out to relax and enjoy people watching or a sunny day in this quaint part of Midtown.

The art in the park was created by artists duo Living Lenses. Po Shu Wang and Louise Bertelsen, created the piece with the sight-impaired in mind. The large sphere acts as a Braille Music Box, that translates Braille letters into musical notes that can be heard when visitors move the mechanism around the sphere.

Watch a video explanation of the works of art:

Pearle Street Park

Pearle Street Park is located at 1200 Baxter Street, Charlotte, NC 28204. This park was opened in 1943, after being purchased from the Thompson Orphanage. This park boasts 8.3 acres, a basketball court, several multipurpose fields, and many walking paths. Often the adult kick ball league can  be found playing games at this park after hours.

Baxter Street Park

Baxter Street Park is located at 942 Baxter Street, Charlotte, NC 28204. This park is right outside the 277 beltway. This park has 3.6 acres, walking trails, a gazebo, and a community garden.

Cherry Park

Cherry Park is located at 1509 Baxter Street, Charlotte, NC 28204. This park is located walking distance from Midtown, and in the middle of historical the Cherry district. This park has 2 acres a multipurpose field, a baseball field, basketball courts, and a playground.